at the receptionQuinceaneras is the special event that finds its roots in the Latin America in which there is a celebration of a girl’s 15th birthday as she transforms from a child to a young adult. The rituals may differ in different communities but the essence remains the same. It begins with the arrival of the teenage girl fully dressed in a beautiful gown and is usually accompanied by her father. The daughter walks through the entrance which is marvelously decorated, by holding hands with her father. The entry is marked with the beautiful sound of music which continues until they reach the main point of the hall also with the family and friends who gather to give flowers as a sense of greeting to the father of the girl.

There is a ceremony of waltz which includes a special dance of the girl with her friends which is later on continued with the serving of the special meal which is organized for the guests. This special event surely marks a new chapter in your girl’s life and you would really want to make this big day really memorable for her. This way you make memories that are supposed to last for a lifetime and have a great impact on her life.

Make her 15th birthday extremely grand and wonderful by booking our limousine services which are especially accustomed to serve for the Quinceaneras. We are glittered with a very good experience of providing excellent limousine services for this auspicious occasion which holds a great place in your daughter’s life. The limousine picks you up from your house and takes you all the way to the ball room or the church. The experience is totally outstanding as the ride is completely luxurious and amazingly wonderful.

The anterior of the limousine is very beautiful as the seats are soft and comfortable with superior amenities. And there is a bar installed which allows you to relax and drink whatever you feel like, whether it is wine, icy cold water or juices. There would be a large plasma TV installed in the limousine which allows you to watch television on the way or even read the morning newspaper. Listen to the family’s favorite music on the ride as we have a well installed audio and video system that makes the ride more of a fun time.

The limousine will be decorated especially for the Quinceanera so that your daughter feels more like a Queen. The limousine services are highly chauffeured with fully trained staff that is present at your service to make you feel very special. The drivers are very humble and they would give you a nice cruise through the route to the church. They will open the doors for you on the arrival making the entry of the girl and her father very grand with more of a royal touch.

You can go from choosing your favorite limousines from the wide range of varieties which are provided by our services. Go for hummer limousines, stretch limousines, sedans, SUV’s, navigator limousines and party buses which are best suited for your purpose, all according to your requirement. Chose from our latest model limousines in black or white or you can create a Cinderella Quinceanera in a Cadillac Escalade limo or Hummer H2 limousine.

We guarantee that the limousines you select will arrive as promised because we own, operate and as well as maintain our advertised limousines. We do promise to present a reliable, clean and high quality limousine for your Quinceanera party. The services are fully licensed and we meet up to all the laws of the state.

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